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Phoenix arizona palm trees

Virtual Vacay: Phoenix

If you need to stay in a hotel right now, chances are you’ll have a pool like this all to your self. Find out where…

lake mcdonald montana

Virtual Vacay: Hidden Lake

What’s better than getting some fresh air and taking in a view like this? Find out where you can find this hidden gem.


Virtual Vacay: Santa Monica

Dreaming of somewhere warm, right now? There’s no place like sunny California and driving down this iconic rockstar boulevard.

Brooklyn Bridge

Virtual Vacay: Brooklyn Bridge

NYC travel may be a challenge right now, but this snapshot of a place with a spectacular view will (virtually) place you in the heart of the city.

cannon beach oregon photo veronica harutunian

Virtual Vacay: Cannon Beach

View like this of Portland will likely never make national news. But you can find tranquility amid the cries for social justice on this breathtaking beach.


Virtual Vacay: Vancouver

While travel may be on hold for the foreseeable future, you can still escape with Glow’s virtual vacation series. Next stop: Vancouver!