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Glow Stream TV is an interactive home shopping streaming network available on Amazon Fire TV and Roku TV. We offer a curated stream of videos featuring book authors, business women and women’s lifestyle products and services created by diverse women entrepreneurs. Glow Stream TV can also be viewed worldwide on our website,, by visiting the Watch & Shop section.

Through Glow Stream TV’s streaming platforms, we engage a global audience of television shoppers in a journey of discovery through an ever-changing collection of fresh new products created and curated by multicultural brands. Along the way, we connect shoppers to the innovative makers of products and founders of businesses. Each streaming segment is hosted by Emmy award-winning TV Host and Glow Stream TV founder Markette Sheppard, who brings her signature style of effective storytelling to reach home shopping viewers in an authentic and impactful way, while also helping multicultural marketers increase their sales.

Founded in 2019, Glow Stream TV has grown its customer base to include online shoppers in more than 30 U.S. states, the U.K., Germany, Canada and the Caribbean. As Glow Stream TV’s founder and chief executive officer, Markette Sheppard steps into her powerful knowledge base of paid TV programming after having spent more than a decade hosting and producing sponsored TV programs and infomercials for name brands companies, including AMC Theatres, FOX, and TV One, and the CBS station in Washington, DC (where she won her Emmy award).

Sheppard believes, that through Glow Stream TV, there is a better way to shop. The future of shopping is through video storytelling – beyond colorless transactional ecommerce experiences or bland in-store experiences. Sheppard knows that the global majority of female consumers crave engaging, diverse shopping experiences and she is tapping into their $1+ trillion in buying power through Glow Stream TV.

Sheppard is also an experienced marketing executive with a professional certification in digital marketing strategy from Harvard. She is a former Vice President of Marketing, Digital & PR at a non-profit financial institution and the current head of communications and marketing for a digital agency she founded, The Glow Brands LLC.

Diverse voices. Engaging stories. Multicultural Reach.

The Glow Brands, LLC is a multicultural marketing and communications consulting company with a specialization in content marketing created by Emmy-winning TV host and bestselling author, Markette Sheppard. Markette is one of only 50 women entrepreneurs from around the world to be a recipient of a 2021 fellowship in the Vital Voices Grow business accelerator program for her work on Glow Stream TV. The Glow Brands’ flagship enterprise is Glow Stream TV, which acts as a home shopping streaming network for women’s lifestyle brands. Glow Stream TV includes a blog, a video streaming service where businesses can pay to have their marketing videos streamed, and an e-commerce shop.

Glow Stream TV is Where Glow Girls Go to Live Better.

Glow Stream TV aims to be a resource for women who are looking to become more informed, enlightened consumers and global citizens.

We call these women GLOW Girls.

GLOW Girls are women who are old enough to know better and too young to care.

GLOW Girls are tired of being beat up by life.

GLOW Girls are looking for ways to take back control.

GLOW Girls choose to arm themselves with knowledge, inspiration, motivation, great style, and both inner & outer beauty because when you look good, you feel good and do good.