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Do you need more people to know about your business? Do you need help explaining how your products work or how your services can help others? I hear you! And I’m here to help you (in that way only someone who has walked in your shoes can only help).

Contact us to create a promo video for your product or service that will get you seen and heard on popular streaming apps, like Amazon Fire TV and Roku TV. Examples of how I have helped my clients are below, along with info about me. —Markette Sheppard, Founder, Glow Stream TV.

Generate visibility and publicity with a promo video for your product or service to increase sales. Authors: create a book trailer and schedule an interview on Glow Stream TV to generate book publicity to drive sales.

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Now streaming on Amazon Fire TV and Roku TV.

Glow Stream TV is watched all over the world on six continents with a majority of viewers streaming in the U.S., the U.K. and Canada. Our top sales regions are in the Eastern U.S., Ontario (Toronto) and Western Europe.

Global map of where Glow Stream TV viewers are watching from.

Want to promote your business and drive sales? Then contact us today!

Be seen on Glow Stream TV and let us create custom content and digital videos created specifically for your product or service. We specialize in promoting women’s lifestyle brands small and large with reasonable rates for small businesses through home shopping style videos and posts.

Partner with Glow Stream TV to:

  • Create a book trailer for new authors
    and authors who want book publicity
  • Create a promo video for a product
  • Share about your business services
  • Increase visibility for your brand

Prior clients include: