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Once Upon a Time…

I never dreamed of being rescued. My favorite tales always took place in lands far, far away. My latest adventures have brought me to a point that I’ve never been to before, a “point of realization.” How I got to that point will remain a secret that you’ll have to come back next week to hear.

recovery home of grace

Home of Grace

Reluctantly, I let the girls from the Home of Grace sign my journal. Honestly, it just seemed kind of lame. We were in treatment, not high school,

recovery glow up norma ramirez and just like that

And Just Like That…

And just like that, my mom was proven wrong! One day I was hanging out with my mom, and she randomly blurted out, “you can’t get a man…

recovery glow up norma ramirez again


If you’ve read any of my past blogs, then you know that I’m far from perfect. If this is your first time reading any of

recovery glow up norma ramirez

Thirsty Again

I’m thirsty again! “How can I be so thirsty today when I drank so much last night?” A question I asked myself a million times

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“A lily or a rose never pretends, and its beauty is that it is what it is.” ~Jiddu Krishnamurto And just because I said IT,

recovery glow up without vision

Without Vision

OK, it’s time to get it together. It would be hypocritical of you to not practice what you preach. Let’s talk vision and facing our fears. What’s blocking your vision? What if you’re fighting a mental battle?

recovery glow up norma ramirez

In The Market or On It?

Preface If this is your first time reading my blog, I usually write about recovery, healing, and my journey through personal growth; feel free to

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Team Tryouts: The Final Cut

Look at you scouting prospects and separating your contract players from your franchise players. Check out last weeks blog if you need a refresher. Is