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rahkal shelton pandemic coping strategies

Fearless Friday: Perspective

If you’re stuck in a situation at home or in your career that you can not get out of because of the pandemic, then here’s what you need to get through…

rahkal shelton goals

Fearless Friday: GOALS!

More than 90% of Americans are under a stay-at-home order. While you are counting down the days to when you can go out and conquer the world again, now is the perfect time to…

mom and son cooking show green smoothies

Say Yes to a Pandemic Detox

OK, it’s been a few weeks now of living off the cans of food we’ve all stocked up on since the start of the pandemic.

markette sheppard and son cooking show

Comfort Food in Times of Crisis

If you’re in need of some comforting food for the soul, check out my cornbread recipe and cooking video that will add a spark of glow to your day.

parenting through covid-19 markette sheppard

Parenting Through COVID-19

Working from home and homeschooling is the new normal for millions of parents who are trying to cope with keeping their jobs going and homeschooling.

social distancing blues 5 strategies to cope with quarantine

Got Social Distancing Blues?

Has sheltering in place given you the social distancing blues? Check out these 5 strategies to help you maximize your time at home.