This year, gift giving is going to bigger than ever, as people haven’t seen their friends and family in months, and in some cases since the pandemic first started. So, Christmas gifts, Chanukkah gifts, engagements, birthdays, Kwanzaa gifts and the like are more important in 2021 than ever because friends and family can only really safely show how much they care by ordering something online and having it shipped directly to your front door.

If you want some ideas on how to show you really care, then check out the Glow Getters holiday gift guide!

Holiday Gift Guide 2021

For Mom:
Diamonds are a girls’ best friend. So, order something sparkly for your mama this holiday season. If real diamonds will break your holiday budget, then consider a gift of diamond stocks, which are surprisingly affordable, and be sure to throw something fun into the gift certificate box to make it extra special, like this Glowing & Growing tee.

Growing Glowing T-Shirt

For Beauty Queens:
If you have a makeup & beauty lover on your holiday gift list, then consider a facial steamer to give the gift of self-care! Be sure to watch our Makeup Monday tutorial to learn how to use it!

facial steamer
Self care: facial steaming

For the Children:
Etsy is full of unique gifts for children, including the artistic flashcards below, inspired for African-American life. The collection covers colors, shapes and ABC learning in a fun and culturally-rich way.

colors flashcards carson dellosa lakeshore learning
Colors & Shapes In A Flash!

For Him:
Let’s be honest, there’s nothing like cash. Make it rain for your special guy by gifting him shares of stock in his favorite company or Crypto currency. Try apps like Stockpile, Robinhood or Fidelity to get started.

For the Homegirls:
I’ve never had anyone buy me 100% human hair, but knowing how expensive it is to have a weave, clip in and extensions, I’d happily accept the gift! Maybe you can be the best friend ever to your homegirl by giving her some bundles or a Pony2Go for the holidays? Just sayin’

markette pony to go
Markette is wearing a custom made Pony2Go clip in

Here’s how it works:

For Coworkers:
It’s always fun to shop for for artistic items that you won’t find everywhere and xN Studio offers handmade home goods, like baskets, pillows and accessories that were designed and hand-crafted by artisans in Uganda, Mozambique and Tanzania during the pandemic. Your dollars will make a huge social impact if you decide to purchase these items because, for many of the artists, partnering with xN studio was their only form of income during the COVID-19 health crisis when travel restrictions shut down their commerce.

For the Fit & Fab
Her abs are as flat as an ironing board and you both admire and hate her for it. Why not celebrate your bestie’s hard work in the gym, instead? This crop-top hoodie that reads: “Let your soul glow” across the chest is the perfect gift to tell her your admire her commitment to fitness.

“Let your soul Glow” hoodie

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