Rihanna reigns supreme in a now free Barbados

Rihanna is no stranger to the limelight or the center stage. In fact, that’s precisely where she was found herself Monday (November 29, 2021) while visiting her hometown Bridgetown in Barbados. This time things were different though, as Rihanna was not headlining an event or putting on a runway show. The Fenty Beauty & Savage businesswoman was there to witness a historical moment.

This soiree was about new beginnings: the Queen of England’s removal as Barbados’ head of state (a role she played for 55 years). Barbados is now an independent state and the world’s newest republic.

The New Republic of Barbados is headed by Her Excellency Dame Sandra Prunella Mason President of Barbados. Can you think of any places that started their republic/presidency with a woman president? (I’ll wait…)

To commemorate the birth of this new nation, guess who was honored with the National Hero Award? Rihanna, making her the second woman in the history of Barbados to ever receive the honor. With this recognition, Rihanna received the full title of The Right Excellent Robyn Rihanna Fenty for life.

All I can say is, The New Republic of Barbados, I see you glowing up, and I really like your style.

We (the Glow Stream Fam) really love seeing women win!

With Love,


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