Hold on tightly to what God put in your heart, but hold loosely to how it’s going to happen. ~Joel Osteen

Every time I have to write a blog post, it’s still so surreal. There is absolutely nothing I’ve done to deserve to be here. Yet here I am! We’re here because of His grace, despite our actions, to bring Him glory. 

You’re exactly where He intended for you to be for this season of your life. Even in the most unfavorable conditions, nothing is coincidental, “all things in their season” (Ecc 3:1); it’s biblical. If you’re in a season of singleness, I advise you to embrace it, babe. Did you know that singleness is a gift from God? (Check out Glow’s latest podcast episode to find out why).

Our guest, Pastor Andre Butler, confirms that it is indeed a gift and why. This season isn’t about anyone else, just you and God. Stop seeking validation from the world and start focusing on growing spiritually, self-development; use it as part of your glow-up.

(Did she just say that being single is a gift?) YEP, I sure did! I’ve been standing on this truth over the last year, and it has worked out beautifully. I’m content being single because I’m content with myself; there are a few selfish reasons why: like not having to answer to anyone and maintaining my peace of mind. I enjoy not having to coordinate my plans around someone else. The part that I love the most (this is a big one for me) is choosing the music I play and playing it as loud as I want. Music is one of my go-to forms of therapy.

We weren’t created to follow the status quo; our purpose is to bring God glory. We know that things happen in their season, according to His perfect timing, not ours. Sit back and enjoy the ride, sis life’s a journey, and turn the music up by all means. Don’t forget to stop by next week; I have a lot more to share with you.

With Love,

💋 NR

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Norma Ramirez

Norma Ramirez is a marketing and media relations assistant at Glow Stream TV.

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