How to build your own skincare routine

Your skincare products could be what’s causing your skin issues. Dullness, acne breakouts, irritation, itchiness, extreme dryness, or excessive oiliness are telltale signs that you and your products aren’t meant to be. If these issues persist beyond two months, you have to move on and look for better options.

Your skin will be clear, smooth, and supple if it gets all the nourishment that it needs. Establish a good skincare routine and find all the products that are good for you by properly identifying your skin type.

The Different Skin Types

Your skin type is the most crucial factor in identifying products that work best for you. This could explain why the products that worked for Beyoncé or even your best friend caused a bad reaction on your skin! You can put an end to all these skin issues by determining which type you fall under:

1. Oily Skin
Individuals under this category have shiny skin, which is caused by excess sebum production. People with oily skin types also have enlarged pores and frequently get blackheads and pimples.

2. Dry Skin
You have this skin type if you typically see rough or cracked patches on your face or body. These rough spots can also become itchy, irritated, or inflamed over time.

3. Combination Skin
People with combination skin have parts of their face that are oily while other parts are dry or normal. For instance, you may notice that your forehead and your nose are shiny while your cheeks may have rough patches.

4. Sensitive Skin
Your skin can be sensitive, especially if it’s very reactive to different environmental conditions or even to most skincare products. You may experience redness, stinging, or itchiness all over your face if you have this skin type.

5. Normal Skin
If you don’t experience any of those skin issues, congratulations are in order because you have normal skin! People with this skin type don’t see rough patches or oily spots on their skin. They would also rarely spot blemishes on their skin.

Important Steps in a Skincare Routine

You don’t have to do an eleven-step routine to get clear skin! All you need are these four simple steps to be able to cleanse, hydrate, treat, and protect your skin every single day. With your skin type in mind, use these essential products and personalize your routine from there:

1. Cleanser
Prep your skin by washing away all the makeup, oil, sweat, and residue from your face. Hydrating daily cleansers are important part of your skincare for dry skin routine because as products they can clear your skin without leaving it dull and dehydrated. Those with sensitive skin, on the other hand, need cleansers that are non-comedogenic because they won’t clog your pores. Finally, oil-free cleansers are most suitable for people with oily skin.

2. Serum
This product takes your skincare routine to another level! Face serums deliver large amounts of ingredients that address specific skin issues like dullness, fine lines, and even hyperpigmentation. For instance, serums that are packed with niacinamide balance oil production and brighten uneven skin tone, which are the common concerns of those with oily or sensitive skin.

3. Moisturizer
Everyone needs moisturizer — even those with oily skin types! Individuals with oily skin need to use gel moisturizers, which are lightweight yet hydrating. Those with dry skin need a fast-absorbing moisturizing treatment that can soothe the rough and dehydrated patches. Finally, gentle, non-comedogenic moisturizers can calm down sensitive skin.

4. Sunscreen
Unlike the other products, sunscreen should only be applied in the morning. A broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least SPF 30 will help protect your skin from a wide range of skin issues, such as sunburn, dark spots, photoaging, and even skin cancer. Sunscreens can come with a matte finish or in a gel formulation for those with oily skin. Meanwhile, people with dry skin should look for products with hydrating ingredients, such as ceramides. Just make sure that you are able to apply a golf ball-sized amount of product all over your face and body before heading out! You can say goodbye to all your skin issues by building your own skincare routine! Keep your skin type and the four essential steps in mind so that you can have clear and smoother skin.

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