Idris Elba & Regina King Star in Epic Western

Yipee-ki-yay! A star-studded Western snags Hollywood’s spotlight. Saddle up! Netflix’s new movie, The Harder They Fall is in limited theaters and premiered on Netflix Nov. 3.

The Harder They Fall is a must see! This brilliant film is loaded with an amazing all-Black cast. Leading the cavalry of stars are Jonathan Majors (Lovecraft Country), Idris Elba, and Regina King.

The film centers around a feud between two rival gangs. There’s Nat Love (Majors) with his payback posse and Rufus Buck (Elba) with his ruthless crew. The West gets wild as Love seeks revenge against Buck for the unspeakable crime he committed against his family. The film is fast-paced and wastes no time roping viewers in on the storyline. 

Y’all, this action-packed Western is next-level genius! Laying the groundwork for this epic movie is British singer-songwriter, Jeymes “The Bullitts” Samuel. The talented musician AND younger brother of platinum singing artist, Seal makes his directorial debut in this buzz-worthy film.

The Harder They Fall is full of cinematic swag and classic western grit. The scenes are so vibrant. The camera angles take you inside the film for a dual dimensional viewing experience. The modern touches mixed with the historic reality of the Western town depicted adds a perspective not usually captured in Western films.

The Netflix Western is packed with power and truth. You get a historic lesson wrapped in an entertaining narrative. The story is imaginary, but the names of some major characters are of real people who lived in the Old West. Nat Love (Majors), Rufus Buck (Elba), Stagecoach Mary (Zazie Beetz), Cherokee Bill (LaKeith Stanfield), and Bass Reeves (Delroy Lindo) actually existed. 

The soundtrack is awesome and features a blend of musical genres. There’s reggae, and afrobeat tracks. There’s even original music by JAY-Z who produces this film. The music elevates the scenes and adds a unique element.

The Harder They Fall  features an incredible ensemble cast with standout performances. Hold on! This Western thriller is locked and loaded. It’s an entertaining, wild ride that’s definitely worth taking. 

The Harder They Fall is now streaming on Netflix.

Cheryl Grant

Cheryl Grant

Cheryl Grant is a film critic and entertainment industry veteran who has been heard on the airwaves of The Tom Joyner Morning Show and Radio One stations across the country. Follow her on Instagram at: @news2cher.

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