Kevin Hart’s Fatherhood has Heart

…And the award for best actor in a movie drama goes to…  Kevin Hart!  This talented actor-comedian  wastes no time flexing his acting range in his new film Fatherhood streaming on Netflix.  The minute Hart hits the screen, your emotional heartstrings feel a little tug. So, get ready for a mixed bag of feelings! There are a ton of touching and funny moments jam-packed into this film.   

Fatherhood is based on a real-life story. Hart stars as the lead in this heartfelt dramedy. He plays Matt Logelin who is happily married, until his wife (Deborah Ayorinde) passes away shortly after giving birth to their baby girl.  Reality sinks in quickly and the struggle of mourning and raising his daughter solo takes center stage.    

There’s no doubt Hart shines and brings the movie Fatherhood to light. He gave full on teary-eyed, gut-wrenching, emotional goodness! His classic humor is in the mix too and delicately weaves in and out of the film.

The cast is Hart’s (Matt) on-screen village. All the main characters are great to watch. They help him to step-up and ultimately grow into the father he becomes. Melody Hurd ( Maddy) is a joy. The dynamics between Hart and Hurd feel like a real father-daughter duo. Lil Rel Howery (Jordan) does a lot of the heavy comedic lifting as the best friend and Alfre Woodard (Marion) keeps it real as the straight-talking mother-in-law. 

fatherhood kevin hart alfre woodard

Hart gives a believable performance and easily hooks the audience into connecting to his character’s circumstances. While the storyline isn’t a new concept, viewers will feel Hart’s exceptional take on the role.  His serious deep dive into a heavy pool of emotions is fantastic. Also, the timing of his quick wit and the strong performances of his co-stars will be appreciated. Fatherhood is a solid film. It serves up inspiration and is a loving tribute to the single dads embracing parenthood. You can catch  Fatherhood streaming on Netflix.

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