Turning into a Zoom zombie? Maybe it’s time to let the old ways die [insert Bradley Cooper voice here]! But seriously, maybe it’s time for the entire family to take a spring break from looking at the screen? It’s not easy to unplug if you don’t have a plan, so below are some ideas on how to have some low-tech fun with your family this spring.

Rainy day? Make a rocket ship with your kids!

Inspired by the award- winning picture book My Rainy Day Rocket Ship, about a little boy who is stuck inside on a rainy spring day and has to make his own fun, kids all over the US are making their own rocket ships, from cardboard creations to sidewalk chalk drawings.

In the story, the main character uses everyday objects around his house to make a rocket ship and (with the help of mom and dad) launches a mission to outer space! This activity book was released during the height of the pandemic shutdowns and has encouraged children across the country to log off and launch their own adventures.

Board Games are making a comeback…
Families can kick it old school style, plus have fun while teaching valuable lessons with classic games like checkers, chess, puzzles and my personal old school favorite: Don’t Wake Daddy!

Fireflies outside a buzzin’? Make a light lantern!
The most magical part of late spring and summer are the fireflies that light up the night. As a kid, I used to spend hours outside trying to catch them only to let them go and watch them fly away into the night with wonder. Use the tutorial below that shows parents and kids how to make a quick & easy light lantern. Follow it up with an inspirational read of the Amazon No. 1 bestselling bedtime book, What Is Light? (Simon & Schuster).

Screen-free fun that’s as simple as A-B-C
For the babies and pre-k 3 and 4 kids who need to learn their ABCs, I have a fun 26-letter flash card set that not only teaches kids their letters from A-to-Z, but each card has a colorful image and an inspirational phrase on the front featuring diverse children.

ABC flash card front flash card african american alphabet abc flashcards
African-American Inspired ABC Flash Cards

When read from start to finish, the 26 ABC cards read like a continuous poem. The cards are 3″ wide x 5″ tall, sized perfectly for little hands! There is also a matching ABC chart you can use as wall art at home or a classroom poster!

Be kind… unwind!
Finally, for the mothers and caregivers who always selflessly save themselves for last (yes, I’m talking to you!), you can automate monthly pampering sessions with a monthly subscription to Time 4 Mom. It’s a monthly delivery of a care package full of self-care goodies started by a busy working mother who knows the importance of taking time out for oneself, and wanted to share the gift of self care with mothers and caregivers everywhere. Get a sneak peek inside the box below!

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Markette Sheppard is an Emmy award-winning TV host, children's book author, marketing executive and founder of Glow Stream TV. Follow her online @markettesheppard and @glowstreamtv.

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