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pam perry

A True Luminary: Dr. Pam Perry

Dr. Pam Perry‘s name resonates with distinction in the world of public relations. She has mastered the art of storytelling and has written the narrative

little africa

Journey to Paris w/ Little Africa

A few years ago, Parisienne Jacqueline NGO MPII saw an opportunity to share about the cool African neighborhood and Black history in Paris. So…

gone rural baskets

Gone Rural’s Woven Treasures

Created to support women artisans in Southern Africa more than 40 years ago, Gone Rural has blossomed from a local women’s empowerment project into a global leader in handcraft and design.

ABURY signature bag, the embroidered Berber Bag

ABURY: Fair Trade Fashion

Do you love gorgeous handmade fashions that look good, feel good and do good. ABURY is leaving the world a little better by investing time, love and…