Do you hear that? That buzzing sound surrounding Renaissance Beyonce’s seventh studio album? It started when Queen B announced its release date, and it keeps getting louder and louder. The Beyhive has been waiting for this album for 6 years. Can you imagine the excitement when they discovered that Renaissance is the first act in a trilogy of albums? If anyone knows how to create a buzz, it’s gotta be Queen B, less than 2 weeks after its debut, and all 16 songs on her new album are currently sitting on the Billboard Hot 100.

Heard That Buzzing Sound

There’s something special and very personal about work as a creative professional. Being able to express yourself creatively is a gift. There is freedom in the creation process, and those who thrive and flourish pour their hearts and souls into everything they create. I love and respect so many things about Beyonce as an artist, businesswoman, mother, and style icon. So naturally, this album piqued my interest once I heard Beyonce was removing one of the album’s lyrics after it dropped because it was deemed offensive. The icing on the cake came from Monica Lewinsky telling the singer to omit lyrics about Clinton Affair. Can we stop trying to censor people’s creative works? This is a huge pet peeve of mine. After hearing all the buzz, I decided to listen to that buzzing sound for myself.

Listened To That Buzzing Sound

I understand why that buzzing sound started, and the buzz continues to get louder. Musically speaking, I’m a lyrics-based listener and believe in giving credit where it’s due. I’m not an R&B/soul listener, but if I was, I’d buy it because this album is a whole vibe. Creatively and lyrically speaking, there are some treasures in this album. Listed below are some lyrics that spoke to the Glow Girl inside me.

  1. I’M THAT GIRL: “From the top of the mornin’, I shine right through the blinds. Touching everything in my plain view & everything next to me gets lit up too.” 
  2. COZY: “Been down, been up, been broke, broke down, bounced back. Been off, been on, been back, what you know about that?”
  3. CUFF IT: “Bet you you’ll see far. Bet you you’ll see stars. Bet you you’ll elevate. Bet you you’ll meet God.”
  4. BREAK MY SOUL: “If you don’t seek it, you won’t see it. That, we all know. If you don’t think it, you won’t be it.”
  5. CHURCH GIRL: “I’m finally on the other side, I finally found the urge to smile, swimming through the oceans of tears we cried.”
  6. VIRGO’S GROOVE: “You don’t need no excuse to touch somebody, to love somebody, to trust somebody. Now go ahead and hug somebody ’cause I can see the light in you.”
  7. HEATED: “Only a real man can tame me. Only the radio could play me.”
  8. PURE/HONEY: “It should cost a billion to look this good.”
  9. SUMMER RENAISSANCE: “So elegant and raunchy, this haute couture I’m flaunting.”


I’m a gangsta rap and Christian music listener (don’t judge me 🤣). There are two tracks I love on this album. Other than that, it wasn’t for me sound-wise. Bey has some empowering lyrics that are quotable and great for quote graphics & merch though.  

Many of these tracks will become trending audio (if they haven’t already) across various social platforms and used by content creators in reels. I could write an entire article about where I mentally picture these songs being played, the types of playlists I would add them to, and the type of content I would create with them. If you are obsessed with the visual artwork of Renaissance, then here’s a treat for you: this weeks, Makeup Monday tutorial is It’s “sultry, disco inspired and just stunning.”

I’m definitely going to keep my ears open and let yall know what I think about “that buzzing sound” when the queen 🐝 drops the next 2 acts of this trilogy.

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