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Small Biz Spotlight: xN Studio

Meet NASOZI KAKEMBO, founder of xN Studio, a unique African home decor shop she has grown from a single table at a Brooklyn open air market into a global brand.

Beautiful Girl blog by Norma Ramirez

Beautiful Girl

With no role models that looked like her in the teen magazine, Glow’s drug addiction recovery blogger Norma Ramirez reflects on how always being told she was pretty as a child affected her emotionally.

amal clooney george clooney dvf awards venice 2023
Fashion & Beauty

Amal Clooney’s Sexy DVF Awards Speech

It was an ode to feminists everywhere who are in love, and we’ve got the full text here, plus video of Amal Clooney’s sexy DVF Awards speech… hot of the Gondola ride from Venice!

Issa Rae is Barbie as President of Barbie Land
TV + Film

Barbie’s Billion Dollar Dream

Barbie proves it’s more than child’s play! The movie, based on the iconic Mattel doll, rakes in over a billion dollars at the worldwide box

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A Wish and A Prayer

What would you say to younger you? What life lessons and advice would you give? Our recovery blogger Norma Ramirez shares this letter to her younger self.