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Maya on the Money

Here’s what the late great Maya Angelou looks like on the face of the new quarter…

Fashion & Beauty

New Year, New Unboxing: MAC Lunar Luck

Happy New Year and happy early Lunar New Year. I am unboxing the MAC Cosmetics Lunar Luck collection. This collection celebrates the Lunar New Year and features lucky reds and majestic metallics.

recovery glow up norma ramirez

Thirsty Again

I’m thirsty again! “How can I be so thirsty today when I drank so much last night?” A question I asked myself a million times

kamala harris white house maternal health day of action
Fashion & Beauty

Salute to the Power Suit

There were so many times over the past year that Vice President Kamala Harris has given us fierce power suit vibes, that I’m wondering why

new years eve makeup tutorial
Fashion & Beauty

New Year’s Eve Makeup 2021

Our latest B. Rich Beauty makeover features Markette Sheppard, who surrenders her beauty bag to Mr. B. Rich Beauty, celeb makeup artist! Get tips to be party ready in this fun video.

anita kopacz glow podcast featured guest

Goddess Energy w. Anita Kopacz

Author Anita Kopacz shares her spiritual path as a psychologist and about her new book “Shallow Waters” about an African mermaid in this episode of the Glow podcast.

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“A lily or a rose never pretends, and its beauty is that it is what it is.” ~Jiddu Krishnamurto And just because I said IT,