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cultivate trust in yourself
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Cultivate trust in yourself

You know that little voice inside of you—the one that’s always telling you not to run the red light or not to call him back or, “You know you shouldn’t be eating that!”

markette and damon summer 2019

A healthy relationship is…

What does a healthy relationship look like? Here’s what I learned from my husband and from years of being a journalist and having to figure people out.

michelle obama waffles mochi netflix publicity shot

Waffles + Mochi: Tasty TV

Michelle Obama just keeps reinventing herself. She went from lawyer, to non-profit executive to First Lady and best-selling author to now… TV host and producer.

tiffany haddish black mitzvah

Tiffany Haddish: Believe in You

When Tiffany Haddish found out she won a Grammy for Best Comedy Album, she broke down in tears. Watch the video and read the full text of her reaction here.

st. patricks day makeup b rich beauty
Fashion & Beauty

St. Patrick’s Day Makeup

Are you feeling lucky? Are you ready for St.Patrick’s Day? Well, this new makeup tutorial is here to get you in the mood. I am playing around with the new…