Do you need an extra push to the finish line sometimes, or are you dragging to complete certain projects? Are you feeling tired or drained and need a pick-me-up? These cuties will help! Trust me! Keeping them in your work space, placing tumbled stones in your pocket, purse, or even bra can be extremely helpful! Here are a few of my favorite worker bee crystals to help me continually get through!


MY FAV Worker Bee Stone EVAAAA! As an Aries, I’m great at starting projects and getting things to take off, but it’s the follow through to the end that’s hard for me. Completion. This stone is essential for ME. I put it near my computer and BOOM! I gettir done! It helps me stay consistently focused and alert. I’m empowered! The stone also looks so beautiful! *Save up for this bebe because she ain’t cheap!*


Carnelian is probably my favorite crystal of all time. It inspires creativity, sensuality, fertility, and birth of ideas! As an artist I lean heavily on it! I put it in my Crystal Grids, placing it at the center. I keep it near me in my room, kitchen, and living room. I draw inspiration from any and everything, and Carnelian truly supports that. It’s also linked to the sacral chakra which is all about the watery flow of ideas, and everything mentioned above! This is a must have in my toolkit!

Tigers Eye

If you’re feeling lethargic, this baby is a great energy booster! It gives you endurance, confidence, and power. Keep this on you if you’re feeling a little tired, and you don’t want to reach for a cup of coffee. A small one is awesome to put in your pocket and keep it on you throughout the day to help stabilize your energy!


This is an awesome stone of transformation. It helps to kick your butt in gear, and direct you to your true path and purpose. Excellent for raising positive vibrations and releasing negative ones.


I used to be scared of working with Moldavite, as it’s a powerful tektite –“natural glass rocks that have been formed by an intense impact of large meteorites that hit the Earth’s surface” This rock rapidly encourages transformation, awakening, and growth! If you’re feeling sluggish and feel as though you don’t know which direction to move in your life–This is the stone for you! Work with it during meditation along with a soothing stone like Rose Quartz or Pink Opal to help reveal answers. That shift will happen quickly! Because it’s so strong, it carries an amazing amount of energy so wearing it will definitely wake you UP! Just make sure to balance it with either a grounding stone such as black tourmaline or a soothing stone like the two mentioned above or even Thulite. *This is another costly stone as well for a few reasons: it’s about fifteen million years old, it’s hard for miners to find, and there’s a limited supply*

Now get these lil baddies and get to work! Hahah!!


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Lorene Chesley

A native of the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, Lorene grew up studying ballet and tap but quickly segued her love for performance into acting. Credits include June in the world premiere of Feeding Beatrice at The Repertory Theatre of St. Louis, Valerie Johnston in Smart People (Arena Stage) Marian Almond in The Heiress (Arena Stage), Delilah in Memphis (La Jolla Playhouse). TV credits include Grown-ish (Freeform) Perception (TNT), Shameless (Showtime), and The Fosters (Freeform). Lorene also turned her recently published book The Perfectly Imperfect Christian (available on Amazon) into a pilot P.I.C. which will be filmed later this year! She studied theater at Temple University and earned an M.F.A. in acting at UCSD. Lorene would like to thank God for her many blessings and her family and friends for their continual love and support!

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