America’s Top $elf-Made Women

Having your own money is the ultimate glow-up and Forbes just released its list of America’s Richest Self-Made Women. Pro Tip: the running theme here is owning your destiny through entrepreneurship.

Whether you have dreams of being a boss in business, entertainment, real estate or roofing (yes, there is even a roofer on the list, and she’s No. 1!), here is some intel on a few motivational moguls on the list to add to your vision board:


Emma Grede, 40, is a fashion entrepreneur and started the Good American apparel company and the Skims shape wear brand with the Kardashians.

Serena Williams, 40, needs no introduction, but this tennis champ is not on the list solely because of sports. Serena is one of America’s richest self-made women because of her smart investments. Love, love! Her venture capital firm, Serena Ventures, raised $111 million from outside investors in March, according to Forbes. Read more about it here.

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Sandra Bullock, 57, Rihanna, 34, and Sara Blakely, 51, also made the list for being savvy about owning their ish.

Bullock, a newcomer to this year’s list, made her money in movies. It helps that she’s had a bunch of blockbusters!

While Rihanna’s music is hot, it was also her cosmetics, lingerie and fashion ventures that put her on top of this list.

Sara Blakely has given inspiration to women everywhere to wear gut-clinging fabrics with her Spanx empire, which she recently sold to Blackstone, and that’s what made her a self-made billionaire boss!

Who are some self-made business women that inspire you?

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