Summer Solstice comes around only once a year and today, June 21, marks that day for us– the longest day of the year in the USA and rest of the Northern Hemisphere. So, take some time to soak in the sunlight for 12 straight hours, Glowgetters!

It’s an ancient tradition in India to celebrate the day with outdoor yoga sessions to mark the summer solstice, which is also the International Day of Yoga all around the world.

The ancient physical, mental and spiritual practice of yoga actually originated in India and the word itself means to “join” or “unite” the body with the mind.

Are you ready for a yoga glow up? Watch the video above with NFL yoga master and meditation teacher Brandon “Soul” Coleman, formerly of the New Orleans Saints, on the Glow with Markette Sheppard podcast and try this 1-minute yoga routine made especially for Glow Girls who want to start their days with self care.

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