Embrace Your WOW Factor

Author and entrepreneur Paris Love reveals how she found her way in life in her book, EMBRACE Your WOW Factor: 7 Steps to Love Yourself Free of Apologies and Free of Excuses. The Dallas-based image consultant says she did this first by reaching up, then reaching deep inside of herself to find her wow factor. She says every woman has one, and she is on a mission to help you get yours! – Markette Sheppard

When you live in the WOW, you live in the now. The past is irrelevant. What’s coming isn’t as important as this moment. Live in the moment. Become everything that God created you to be in that place you reside—this is where the magic happens!

The best will manifest if you focus on what is good, what is just, and what is God—leaving all the contrasting thoughts to Him who can fix all things. You can relax now in the WOW.

The transformation [of me shifting my focus in this way] was painful and not very glamorous. I fought it each step of the way. The more I complained, the worse it got. As I relaxed, I moved into the silence. This gave me a sense of peace. I took refuge in the solitude. That’s when I connected the dots and realized the power from within. I was even more eager to be still and be quiet. I called it, ” My developmental stage.”

Read more in her book here.

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Paris Love

Paris Love

Paris does it all; she co-owns Hair Lounge Beauty Salon, runs an image consulting business, cultivates an art studio and is the author of Embrace Your Wow Factor. Her original artwork is featured throughout Hair Lounge, art exhibits, businesses and the homes of her clients.

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