In this week’s Makeup Monday, I show you an easy breezy way to apply false eyelashes.

This tutorial is designed to help take the pressure off, so grab your favorite beverage and let’s Sip ‘n See on how to apply false lashes… B. Rich Beauty style.

Oh, did I mention, that Ms. Sadie Jo is back to take on the challenge of applying lashes on herself?!

Sip up and enjoy 🙂 Share with me what you want to see and don’t forget to subscribe and like this video!

Love you lots!! — B.Rich Beauty

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B. Rich Beauty

Brandon Richardson aka B.Rich Beauty has spent over a decade working in the beauty industry for a Global Brand. He has honed his craft working backstage during fashion weeks including New York and Milan. Worked on various award shows and has spent his time teaching the art of beauty to masses.

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