From Tuition Woes to Fortune 500 Exec: the Amazing Rise of Arlene Isaacs-Lowe

Arlene Isaacs-Lowe, a financial expert, entrepreneur and Fortune 500 global executive, is recipient of the Executive Leadership Council’s prestigious 2023 Alvaro L. Martins Heritage Award. She can be seen as a role model for women entrepreneurs the world over.

From Humble Beginnings
As a high school student, Arlene wanted to go to Howard University. She applied and got in, but her family couldn’t afford tuition. Arlene’s mother cashed in her life savings so that she could attend Howard, but it was only enough to pay for one year. But, her mother’s gift gave Arlene a sense of hope and it inspired her to succeed, according to a profile on BlackHer.

How Arlene’s Story Can Inspire Your Journey

  1. Trailblazer in Corporate Leadership: As a former Fortune 500 Global Executive, Arlene has broken barriers and excelled in the corporate world—a sector historically dominated by men. Her achievements demonstrate that women can attain the highest levels of corporate leadership.
  2. Experience and Expertise: With her extensive background in corporate leadership, Arlene brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. Her experiences navigating complex organizations and making strategic decisions are valuable lessons for women entrepreneurs.
  3. Inspiration for Aspiring Leaders: Arlene’s career path and accomplishments is inspirational for women who aspire to reach leadership positions in business. Her success story sends a powerful message that women can achieve their career goals with dedication and competence.
  4. Advocate for Diversity and Inclusion: Many women entrepreneurs are passionate about promoting diversity and inclusion in their businesses. Arlene’s advocacy for D & I in her professional roles and beyond aligns with this mission and can serve as a blueprint for others.
  5. Mentorship and Support: Successful women leaders often serve as mentors and supporters of aspiring entrepreneurs. Arlene actively mentors or guides women entrepreneurs, offering them the benefit of her wisdom and experience.
  6. Balancing Work and Family: Women entrepreneurs often face unique challenges in business, balancing their professional and personal lives. If applicable, Arlene’s ability to navigate this balance can provide insights and inspiration to others facing similar challenges.
  7. Community Engagement: Many successful women leaders, including Arlene, engage with their communities and contribute to social causes. Her involvement in community initiatives demonstrates a commitment to making a positive impact beyond the business world.
  8. Resilience and Adaptability: In her corporate career, Arlene likely encountered numerous challenges and changes. Her ability to adapt, persevere, and thrive in various situations can inspire women entrepreneurs who face uncertainty and adversity.
  9. Advancing Women in Leadership: Arlene’s journey and advocacy for diversity contributed to creating a more inclusive environment for women in leadership roles in her industry. This progress benefits all aspiring women entrepreneurs.
  10. Setting High Standards: Role models like Arlene set high standards for professionalism, ethics, and leadership. They inspire women in business to aspire to excellence in all business endeavors.

Role models, such as this 2023 Executive Leadership Council honoree, can profoundly impact women entrepreneurs by offering encouragement, guidance, and proof of what is possible. While Arlene’s specific contributions may vary, her experience as a Fortune 500 global executive and advocacy for women in business make her a noteworthy role model for women leaders in corporate and entrepreneurship who aim to succeed and effect positive change in their fields.

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