Many women of a trailblazing kind can relate to the struggles of our forever Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex. Markle was thrust onto the international stage without a guide book on how to maintain her sense of self under intense scrutiny by the media and folks who just don’t know how to do any better (and with no protection, according to her bombshell Oprah interview). 

That’s why I asked self-esteem expert Dr. Stephanie E. Myers to help. Dr. Myers, who earned a Ph.D. in Applied Management & Decision Sciences, is author of the book Invisible Queen: Mixed Race Ancestry Revealed, about the first mixed-race member of the British royal family.

If you struggle with constant scrutiny in your own life, then this Glow Girl’s Guide by Dr. Myers is for you. — Markette Sheppard

If you are striving towards success in your life, it is essential that you build your self-esteem. Strong self-esteem is needed for you to survive the inevitable challenges of life that come along with family, health, school, work, relationships and extreme challenges, such as domestic abuse.

Dr. Stephanie E. Myers

Below are six ways to build up your self-esteem, followed by info on why you should start laying the foundation for a strong sense of self right now.

  • Trust adults who love you
    Ask them to be your Mentors. Study them first to see if they have qualities you want to emulate.
  • Read biographies of people you admire 
    Gain strength from learning about historic and modern people you admire. Use books, audio books or Youtube.
  • Focus on becoming good at one skill
    Learn to excel at either academics, teaching, sports, coding, artwork, cooking, decorating, writing, finance, mechanics, elder care or something else you like to do. Perform that skill regularly so, you become known for it.
  • Turn enemies into friends
    If you have someone blocking your progress, ask your Mentor how you can win that person over. Research the person, find some common interests. Often people who don’t like you might be jealous of you. Try to show them how if you succeed, they will benefit. Grow together…
  • Overcome what you are afraid of
    If you hate to cook, take a cooking class; if you hate finance, learn how to use Quicken; if you hate school enroll in an on-line class. Learn how to face your fears and overcome them. You will be proud of yourself when you discover you can do more than you thought.
  • Save the money you make
    Open a bank account and save 10% of every check you receive. Having money in the bank makes a woman feel more confident.

You can build your self-esteem self-confidence, self-satisfaction without obnoxious vanity and you can reach the heights you dream of. Try it… go for it.

Picture of Dr. Stephanie E. Myers, Ph.D.

Dr. Stephanie E. Myers, Ph.D.

Dr. Stephanie E. Myers, Ph.D is author of the book <em>Invisible Queen: Mixed Ancestry Revealed</em> about the first mixed-race woman in British Royal History. She is Vice President of R.J. Myers Publishing Company, President of the Positive Change Foundation, a member of Capital City Links and Delta Sigma Theta Public Service Sorority. She also served as a Presidential Appointee for 12 years and authorized the first U.S. commercial space launch of a privately-owned rocket.

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