Glow Girl’s Guide to… Stress Management

Like a lot of women, I have careened into periods of my life when I have been completely overwhelmed by stress. Sometimes we just have to ride it out, and other times we can get really disciplined and reign it in. Usually, it’s a combination of both!

Here are a few suggestions:

Look at your patterns. 
Have repetitive choices gotten you in this situation? Carefully examine cause + effect in your life without laying blame anywhere.

Learn the power of saying NO. 
Fracturing our time and priorities can leave us depleted, either for time, money, or energy. In modern times, we have all felt pulls and your friends will understand.

Fracturing our time and priorities can leave us depleted, either for time, money, or energy. In modern times, we have all felt pulls and your friends will understand.

Prioritize your health, exercise + nutrition. 
We may not be able to control the outside world, but we can control what we put in our mouths. We know that nutritious food has an incredible power to heal, while junk food can also literally cause bio-chemical stress. I used to have to answer every email right away. Now, my priority is my morning routine, then emails, and then shutting off at a reasonable hour. Being online too late also interferes with out stress, so it’s best to put our devices away as early as possible in the evening.

Develop a morning routine
Starting your day with a morning routine cannot be underestimated. When we SET the day with practices such as; meditation, affirmation, visualization, intention and combine those habits with exercise and a healthful breakfast, the positive effects reverberate throughout the entire day.

Remove toxic people in your life.  
We pick up the habits of the 5 people we communicate most with. Make sure that you have friends who truly celebrate you. It is not our job to save everyone.

Manage your time well.
I got a book called The Time Trap and it changed my life.

Lately, I really prioritize my to do list instead of procrastinating. I don’t over extend myself socializing too much. Get off you’re ex’s social, you don’t need to be there!

Get a mentor or coach to help you with your goals. 
If there is something emotional or psychological giving you a lot of stress, consider a therapist.

Sometimes it is helpful to speak to a neutral person.

Have the courage to make the changes that you need to make in your life. 
Eighty percent of people are not living in their life purpose, and this leads to huge stress. It is stressful to make changes, but in the log run it is harder if you don’t.

If you are in an abusive situation, leave!
Come up with a game plan to move forward fromit.

Book your chill time.
Whatever that means to you, book it! Whether it’s a Sunday afternoon off, a long walk or a vacation. We all need to unwind!

Karen Henson Jones

Karen Henson Jones

Karen Henson Jones experienced four heart surgeries all before the age of 40. She is the author of <em>Heart of Miracles</em>, a memoir about her life-long battle with a health condition known as Sudden Death Syndrome.

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