If this is your first time reading my blog, I usually write about recovery, healing, and my journey through personal growth; feel free to browse some of my previous posts. This one is special, my 11th post (lucky number 11)! I dedicate this post to a movement, a movement that’s very near and dear to my heart; the AMC ape movement. In the Market Or On it, is my creative contribution to them.

“There’s plenty fish in the sea,” they say. “It’ll be fun,” they say. One day you’re head over heels, and the next day the market is crashing all around you. Meanwhile, you’re trying to keep your head above water, struggling to stay afloat. When it comes to the dating world, let’s be honest, the 💩 is bananas. But what if you weren’t out there floating alone? Wouldn’t it be nice to call in the troops, bring in some reinforcements, to run some technical analysis data, look into financials, and things of that nature? How cool would that be? A diligent group that understands their assignments and willing to do the necessary work; kind of like an army. An army of apes…THE AMC APES


First of all, I’d like to start off by saying this isn’t financial advice; I’m not a financial advisor. Sound familiar? With all of that being said, let’s talk about dating and the stock market because you, my dear, are a bluechip stock and deserve to be in someone’s longterm portfolio. If you think about it, dating is a lot like the stock market; we’re searching for an excellent longterm investment with tremendous upside potential. But where do we start? 

We start by reaching out to our team of people (last week’s post for reference), a true trading group with our best interest at heart. Next, we start scrolling, looking for a reputable investment firm; with many of them out there, you want to make sure you choose the right one. We’ve all heard our friends’ horror stories and want to avoid making the same mistakes. So what should we do?


It’s time to take off the rose-colored glasses and see those red flags for precisely what they are, bearish; a sign to exit your position, nothing more, nothing less. Stop seeing them as a personal challenge babe, listen to your gut, your spirit, do your DD before jumping into any trade/position. I also want you to be aware of those pesky swing traders; they’re not looking for longterm investments; they’re players looking to hop in and out of as many trades as possible for the sole purpose of personal gain.

So there’s manipulation, insider trading, and let’s not forget the D-Bags of both the dating and trading world: the hedge funds. I’m sure you’ve had one of them and or their inappropriate pics find their way into your DMs, ladies. For lack of a better word, and since we’re keeping this PG, let’s refer to these pics as “naked shorts”; because the guy is either naked, exposing himself, or he’s in shorts and no shirt flexing. You know the type, they portray themselves as some neighborhood hero; they claim to be one of the good guys, but deep down, you’re not buying what they’re selling. Everything that comes out of their mouths should be taken with a grain of salt. He and his band of merry men are downright shady and never to be trusted.

Long-term investmentsRelationships
Insider tradingCheating
Bear flagRed flag
Hedge fundsTool bags aka Douche-bags
Naked ShortsWhat some hedge funds do to companies
Know the lingo

As I previously mentioned, the markets and dating have so much in common. Take a look at that chart. Do you notice any commonalities? Did you ever think that the stock market and dating could metaphorically replace one another?


I knew you’d agree, the stock market and dating have a lot in common: every day is different, we face new highs and lows, and if we don’t check our emotions and stand in our convictions, you’ll feel like you’re on a roller coaster ride. And just like in relationships/partnerships: when things are good, they’re great but BEwARe: things can quickly go from good to bad or from bad to worse at the drop of a knife (or is it at the drop of a hat) in seconds literally. This is why it’s so important to know when to exit your positions.

If you’ve spent any amount of time “on the market,” I think that you would concur that there are no guarantees in love, either. Stop by next week. I would love to tell you more about the $AMC symbols I’ve been hiding throughout some of the content I created for our social media platforms and how my boss reacted when I filled her in on my little secret.

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Norma Ramirez

Norma Ramirez

Norma Ramirez is a marketing and media relations assistant at Glow Stream TV.

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