Makeup Brush Guide: Which Brush is Which?

Hey Beauty Besties! Happy Makeup Monday. Ever have trouble choosing the perfect makeup brush? Do you own brushes and have no clue what to do with them? Well, I have you covered in this brush 101 tutorial.

In this how-to video I walk you through my must have and go to brushes for doing makeup. I also share why I choose them. So grab that beverage and take some notes. In this video I use MAC brushes: #190, #187, #159, #184, #150, #168, #195, #286, #252, #240, #212, #266, #224 and #210.

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B. Rich Beauty

B. Rich Beauty

Brandon Richardson aka B.Rich Beauty has spent over a decade working in the beauty industry for a Global Brand. He has honed his craft working backstage during fashion weeks including New York and Milan. Worked on various award shows and has spent his time teaching the art of beauty to masses.

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