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Small Biz Spotlight: xN Studio

Meet NASOZI KAKEMBO, founder of xN Studio, a unique African home decor shop she has grown from a single table at a Brooklyn open air market into a global brand.

essence hollywood house markette sheppard

Gems from Hollywood House

Get gems of advice from the Essence Hollywood House conference for creatives and storytellers. No matter what your industry, below are some valuable gems of advice from…

sara blakely boss lady

Sara Blakely’s Boss Move

Oh, wouldn’t it be nice to have a Glow Girl as your boss, like in real life? Spanx founder Sara Blakely just gifted all of

vecoya banks love the hair you wear

Love the Hair You Wear!

On Sunday, Aug. 15 at 12pm Vecoya Banks hosts the premiere natural hair conference in DC that shows you how to love the hair you wear!