Oh, wouldn’t it be nice to have a Glow Girl as your boss, like in real life?

Spanx founder Sara Blakely just gifted all of her employees with two first-class airline tickets 🛫 to anywhere in the world 🌍 and $10,000! (Glow, girl! 🙌🏾)

Sara is the youngest self-made female billionaire in US history and she just sold her company to a firm called Blackstone. She wanted to give thanks to all of her staff who helped her build the Spanx empire and this is how she did it. (Have you ever had an employer do something so nice and glowy for you?)

Watch the full video from Sara’s Instagram page to get the full experience✨

Markette Sheppard

Markette Sheppard

Markette Sheppard is an Emmy award-winning TV host, children's book author, marketing executive and founder of Glow Stream TV. Follow her online @markettesheppard and @glowstreamtv.

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