Welcome back, open up last week’s notes and get ready to discuss building our teams; more specifically, player selection strategy. This is of utmost importance; pay attention; you’ll need to choose wisely.

For the sake of this post, let’s pretend we’re at the NFL draft; for you nonsports people, the draft is basically a player selection meeting, and you (the person reading this) are the franchise. Remember, just because they showed up at the draft doesn’t mean they’re entitled to a position. A team can only have a certain amount of players, so it’s up to you to decide who will make the cut; choose wisely.

Before selecting your players, I want you to pay close attention to your inner circle; they are your team, babe. They are the people you spend the most time with, the first ones you share any type of news you may have with; they pour into our lives and we into theirs. Your team is the deciding factor between barely making it to the playoffs and going to the Super Bowl; choose wisely.

I select which players will make the team and who will be released by applying my “If and When” strategy. Your players or potential players will fit into two categories; the “Ifs” and the “Whens.” The “Ifs” are your contract players; they’ll be on your team as long as some type of condition is being met. The “Whens” are your franchise players; these are the best players for your team, the ones that you can build your “franchise” around; they will help you glow up.

Let’s talk about your contract players; they’re willing to be on your team under certain conditions. If you hold down a job, if you stay sober, if you go to meetings, if you keep the weight off. The conditions won’t always carry negative connotations, but they will definitely be there and need to be met. Your“Ifs” can also be our “Yes Men.” They tell us what we want to hear and have no interest in helping us glow up; think fast track to a slip-up instead. These are not your people; they are not your tribe; please remember to choose wisely.

Your franchise players, your tribe, your ride or dies, your people are the ones who want to see you win. They were there in the past, cheering you on, and will continue rooting for you because they believe in you; these are also the people you can count on to hold you accountable. When they haven’t heard from you, franchise players will call you; they’ll reach out just because you crossed their minds. If they notice that you haven’t been active on social media or haven’t been attending church regularly, expect a phone call or a message from one of your franchise players, they have your best interest at heart. Franchise players have faith in you, it might just be a tiny mustard seed of faith, but it is faith nonetheless. They witnessed your losing season and deserve to be there for your winning season. 

I hope that your team is full of family, old friends and new friends. I hope you choose wisely. When you come back next week, we’ll further discuss your franchise players and how to spot them.

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