The Glow Girl’s Guide to… Embracing the New Year!

Happy New Year!! As the first full week of January is here, you might be in a tailspin trying to figure out your “thing” for 2020. The start of a new year, and in this instance a new decade, can bring on feelings of anxiety, uncertainty, and the urge to try every trend and fad imaginable that swears it will make you have the best year yet.

While it’s normal to have these feelings about the new year, it’s not time to get so lost in the pressure of “new year, new you” that you forget about YOU. Below are some stress free ways to embrace the new year with the least amount of pressure!

  1. Set attainable goals… for you!
    Everyone loves setting goals on January 1 because it feels like a fresh start and a major hit on your internal reset button.

    We all should have goals that we’re trying to accomplish this year; however, sometimes we make goals and lists that we KNOW we’re not going to stick with. It sounds good in the beginning, but once you realize how much work has to go into it, you may not be able to maintain it.

    Instead of starting super high (Ex: You’ve never worked out consistently before and your initial goal is working out 7 days a week), try starting with a smaller goal and then working your way up to what you really want to attain (Ex: I will start off working out 2-3 days a week and will build up to 5-6 days a week).

    By setting smaller goals within your large goals, it adds less pressure to your plate and makes you actually want to accomplish the goal vs. feeling overwhelmed.
  2. Don’t base your goals off others’ expectations 
    You’re a badass and a lot of people have set expectations for you because you’re awesome…right?! That’s great, but don’t let others’ expectations make you feel like you have to pursue more than you’re ready to tackle.

    It’s dope to have people on your team who encourage you and push you to be your best self, but that may push you to set goals based on what they want for you and not what YOU want for YOU.

    Take some time to listen to those around you whom you trust and assess what’s attainable and realistic for your current space and make the best decision for you.

    If you have people relying on you (employees, family, and kids), then you definitely have to take their thoughts in consideration; however, you will only be your best self to others when you take care of your needs first.
  3. Take it day by day… literally! 
    Yes, you want to accomplish everything immediately, but guess what? It’s ok if you drop the ball.

    Don’t get so caught up in looking at the long term results that you forget the day by day tasks that need to be accomplished to put the entire goal together. If you don’t work out on Monday as planned, don’t beat yourself up: pick up on Tuesday, get to it, and go harder.

    We can be so hard on ourselves that if we don’t do exactly what we said we would do, we crumble and begin to doubt our abilities. You got this sis…pick up where you left off, move forward, and be great!

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