Michael B. Jordan is Unstoppable in W/O Remorse

And… Action! Bam! Right from the start Michael B. Jordan grabs your attention in his new action-packed movie Without Remorse.

Without Remorse is an Amazon original film based on the novel by Tom Clancy. Jordan (John Kelly) stars as an ex-Navy SEAL forced to go on a heart-felt mission after his pregnant wife (Lauren London) is murdered. While on his revenge tour, looking for those responsible, he finds out there’s an international cover-up. Well buckle up! It’s on and poppin’!

Jordan brings his “A” game! He moves through this military flick with a machine-like force. His fight scenes are epic! Jordan’s sexiness and superhero strength fill the screen! It’s like watching him perform a powerful rhythmic dance. Combat maneuvers never looked so good! Jordan’s star-power and acting skills really shine. His on-screen connection is EVERYTHING and helps drive the success of the film.

Tom Clancy fans will notice differences in this movie adaptation. The film strays a bit from the book with character adjustments and storyline shifts. Jordan plays the first Black action hero in the Clancy Universe and actress Jodie Turner-Smith (Queen & Slim) plays a new character. She is fantastic and on point as Lt. Commander Karen Greer, the head of the Navy SEAL team.It’s a groundbreaking role since female Navy SEALs do not currently exist.

Finally, be sure to watch past the credits to the very end! This adrenaline-filled movie has a BIG reveal! Overall, Without Remorse is entertaining! It’s full of action with over-the-top fight scenes from beginning to end. Michael B. Jordan’s “buff biceps” … uh I mean his rock-solid performance keeps you focused! If you’re an action movie lover and you can embrace the creative differences, not linked to Tom Clancy’s novel, you may find this spy thriller is worth checking out.

Without Remorse is streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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