Cheryl Gray Hines knows the dangers of thinking you have to take on life all by yourself.  It took a near-death experience to awaken her from that “me against the world” mentality. “You are a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that can’t be replicated and there is freedom in letting go, so others can help you,” says the author and executive coach.

In her new book, In Support of Myself: A Woman’s Guide to Asking for and Accepting Help from Others, Cheryl dismantles the reasons why some women may overwork themselves. It’s something she calls, “Handler Syndrome.” That’s when you say: Yes, I can handle itNo, I don’t need any help... I’m okay” to just about everyone and everything that comes your way. If you have uttered any one of those phrases, then you may be a sufferer.

“How would your life transform if you paused and asked for support?” Cheryl didn’t recognize her own “Handler Syndrome” until death came knocking at her door. At that moment, she unearthed lies she believed for years and began to acknowledge what she needed. ​’In Support of Myself‘ was written for women who often give beyond their capacity.

Cheryl asks reflective questions that invite readers to evaluate where they are in life, and then make healthy pivots. It is her hope that, through this journey, women everywhere identify their needs and enjoy more fulfillment.

Cheryl Gray Hines is an accomplished author, entrepreneur and executive coach with a mission to support women to live authentically and be their best. Her deep expertise in leadership, organizational development, and business strategy has equipped her to coach executives and leaders through the most challenging transitions.

As founder of C. Gray & Associates, she teaches Fortune 100 corporations, federal agencies, and high-net-worth entrepreneurs that leadership integrity is the foundation of stellar business performance. Cheryl is an inquisitive leader and knowledge-seeker. When a student in her business class at John’s Hopkins University asked how integrity can be measured, Cheryl started a 10-year quest that led to the creation of Gray’s Integrity Leadership Instrument (GILI) 360°. Today, this tool is the only one of its kind quantifies leadership integrity.

Cheryl uses the GILI 360° as the foundation of her consulting approach, guiding leaders to develop concrete behaviors that increase integrity and improve business outcomes. Throughout her career, Cheryl has led individuals, teams, and organizations to develop focused goals and strategies to achieve success. Prior to establishing her firm, she enjoyed 20 years at Procter & Gamble, where she held the positions of Field Sales & Operations Manager, Recruiting Training & Development Manager, and Human Resource Executive. She is best known for directing a diversity initiative that reduced attrition among women of color by 50 percent in two years.

Cheryl holds a Masters in Applied Behavioral Science in Organization Development from Johns Hopkins University, where she served for eight years as an adjunct professor for the Carey Business School Leadership Development Program. She holds a B.A. in Sociology and Communications from Boston College. Cheryl is a Certified Master of The Leadership Challenge®, which is among the top five global leadership instruments.

A true servant leader, Cheryl preserves time in her schedule to invest in others. She is involved in several community organizations and church ministries and received the Coalition of 100 Black Women Jewel Award for Leadership and Service. Cheryl loves being a wife, mom, and entrepreneur and resides in Maryland with her husband.

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