Instagram Movie Producer Talks Authentic Storytelling on Social

Hey Glowgetters, Markette Sheppard writing to you here. I am so excited to bring you this interview with Yvonne Mbanefo. She is executive producer of the new innovative Instagram film Equiano.Stories. She is also a cultural historian and founder of the educational platform Learn Igbo Now.

The daughter of medical professionals and the granddaughter of academics… Yvonne’s family had hoped she’d become a doctor… but in college she started making dolls as a side hustle and then went on to launch a YouTube channel to teach the world about the language and culture of her home country… the Igbo of Nigeria.

In this episode you’ll get to hear how she started out as a consultant on this movie, but soon was elevated to executive producer status when the production execs realized how blessed they were to have her expertise on the set.

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Check out the film review of Equiano by Glow‘s resident film critic Cheryl Grant.

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