I don’t know when I became “the Wendy” of the Peter Pan story that is my real life, but apparently, I am. Wendy’s unfulfilled ambition was to become a great novelist. I didn’t set out to write stories, yet here we are. I believed that the story began with “all children grow up but one” was my story until I met the real Peter Pan and his Lost Boys (my boyfriend and his two sons who I now help to parent because they lost their mother to addiction).

What you’re about to read is a letter to the Lost Boys.

Dear Lost Boys,

Y’all came into my life unexpectedly and stole my heart. I want you guys to know that I can never replace your mother, but I can be the mother figure you need. Like Wendy, I have many fantastic stories to share. Some are pretty magical, and some are ugly and horrific, but they are my truths. I vow to always share the truth with you guys.

The Happy Home

I will love you unconditionally, and I will never harm you. All I ask of you is to do the same for me. I know your lives haven’t been the easiest, and I can’t guarantee that tough times won’t happen. I can promise you won’t have to face your trials alone. I’ll be there with you. The greatest gift I can offer you is my time and effort.

I will walk you through the good times and hang in there through the bad. I will not only go to bat for you, I will also go to war for you guys. When you face adversities I will stand up for you and I will cheer you on every step of the way. My wish for you is that you see yourselves the way I do. I will make it my job to help you uncover your hidden potential, and when you don’t believe in yourself, I will believe for you. When you need a light in the dark, I’ll be there.

Come Away, Come Away

Most importantly, I promise I will always pray for you and your souls. The next chapter of your lives is a story waiting to be written, and I’m excited to see what God accomplishes through you. The Lost Boys in Peter Pan wanted Wendy to be their mother, to tell them stories, and to go on grand adventures. I know what the love of a wonderful mother feels like, and one day so will you. I vow to honor the memory of your mother and, at the end of the day, make her proud.

Take my hand, close your eyes, and think happy thoughts. Our next stop is “second star to the right, and straight on till morning.”

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