Equiano.Stories: Instagram’s Newest Movie

Historic cultural stories just got more accessible. Innovative film studio Stelo Stories dropped their latest movie Equiano.Stories on Instagram! That’s right, just click on your phone and scroll to the social platform to follow @Equiano.Stories and at your fingertips is a new way to watch a movie and learn about history.

Executive producer, Yvonne Chioma Mbanefo and the team of the award-winning studio are responsible for this groundbreaking digital film, based on the true story of Olaudah Equiano. As a pre-teen, Equiano was kidnapped from his home in what is believed to be present day Nigeria in Africa and enslaved by European slave traders. However, later in life, he freed himself and became a successful businessman in England who wrote a memoir about his life back home in Africa.

Although, this Insta-film touches on a dark moment in history, Equiano.Stories is created in a cool, relatable way that blends the past with the love of “The ‘Gram” and mobile devices. The digital film reimagines how this story would be if cell phones and social media existed hundreds of years ago with Equiano posting regularly about his days.

equiano stories stelo studios
Equiano.Stories was filmed in Cape Town, South Africa with more than 400 actors & crew members.

Equiano.Stories is a feature film viewable on Instagram stories and TikTok. It’s brilliantly done. The stackable bits of content takes movie-watching to the next level. The modern spin of how this important narrative is told, easily sparks engagement and interest when scrolling through each story. The love of family and the African culture can be deeply felt when watching Equiano.Stories. More importantly, followers will experience Equiano’s joyful beginning and feel proud of his historic accomplishments.

Be sure to catch this podcast episode of Glow with Markette Sheppard when she chats with Executive producer, Yvonne Chioma Mbanefo about the inspiration behind the Insta film Saturday, May 14 on Apple Podcasts and everywhere podcasts can be heard.

Cheryl Grant

Cheryl Grant

Cheryl Grant is a film critic and entertainment industry veteran who has been heard on the airwaves of The Tom Joyner Morning Show and Radio One stations across the country. Follow her on Instagram at: @news2cher.

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