Once upon a time, there was a princess. If you are the type of person to judge a book by its cover, you may assume that the princess was me. People who don’t know me think that I come from a privileged background and have always been treated like a princess. I did come from a home life where things were always fair. I was raised to carry myself in a certain manner, though, and to always act as ladylike as possible. I had equal pay for equal work, and I never received a pass because of my gender. For the most part, I was treated equally with my brothers. They might’ve had more freedom than me, but it was for a good reason.

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Sorry I’m Not a Princess

Believe it or not, I actually never wanted to be a princess. I always wanted to be a queen because a princess possesses no real power. However, there is an undeniable correlation between my life and fairy tales, like in the Disney movies.

Once upon a time, there was a princess. That was never my idea of a fairy tale or a great adventure. My favorite tales always took place in lands far, far away. I never dreamed of a wedding or of being rescued. (I dreamed of the dress and the shoes.) My latest adventures have brought me to a point that I’ve never been to before, a “point of realization.” How I got to that point will remain a secret that you’ll have to come back next week to hear.

Once Upon a Time in Puerto Rico

As far as I can remember, I had some ties to Puerto Rico. I could say I’m rooted in fairy tale/Disney stories. Once upon a time, there was a birthday party during the summer of 1984 in Luquillo, Puerto Rico. It was a little girl’s party, and the theme was Snow White. They had the most fantastic birthday cake. It was massive: it had tiny trees, Snow White, and all 7 of the dwarves. And like Snow White, that little girl would grow up spending a large part of her life hanging around with males. That girl moved to a kingdom (Arizona) far, far away and discovered a movie called Alice In Wonderland. She watched it every day, and that’s where her love for escapism and adventure began. I vividly remember reenacting scenes from Willy Wonka and The Wizard of Oz with one of my cousins. The connection doesn’t stop there.

Aurora, Cruella and Cinderella

There once was a girl who loved to sleep. Her mother refers to her as “Sleeping Beauty.” Known to get a little cranky when she doesn’t get her 3 o’ clock nap, Aurora (a.k.a. Sleeping Beauty) also goes by the name of Cruella. This nickname was also appropriately assigned by her parents. You’d understand why Cruella is a suitable nickname if you’ve ever dared to wake her up or saw pictures of her big spotted dog.

You know, I love a great pair of shoes, so it comes as no surprise why Cinderella deeply resonates with me. If you don’t, though, allow me to drop a little bit of knowledge on you. All the girl wanted was a night out in a great outfit and a fabulous pair of shoes. I bet there are a lot of Cinderellas out there reading this (I see you, sis).

The Cinderella story hits a bit deeper for me, though. (To see more, check out this post I wrote.) Unlike Cinderella, I have been blessed with a great support system and wonderful parents and stepparents. I thank God for that 🙏🏽.

Happily Ever After

I love all the stories, the tales of kingdoms and faraway lands. Of all the stories ever told, my favorite begins like this: “All children grow up but one.” Stop by next week. I would love to tell you this story.

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