Just when you thought the beloved Janet Jackson has lived a charmed life, the new Lifetime documentary about Ms. Jackson drops several bombs.

For example, did you know that the girl we once knew as “Penny” on Good Times actually grew up as poor as the character she played on TV? That’s Right, the Janet Jackson documentary revealed that she didn’t have a bedroom in her childhood home that she shared with her famous brothers, including Michael, and sisters. We also find out that Janet never wanted to be a child star, but she was shoved onto a stage at 8 years old. Later, when she wanted to go to college and major in economic, her dadager (the infamous Joe Jackson) took control of her life and she produced music instead. Janet says in the doc that she had zero control over her first two alums–the sound, the songs–nothing.

The doc also revealed that she and her family experienced racism when they moved to Los Angeles, even after achieving great success. That didn’t stop this Glow Girl from reaching the heights of success with her music and artistry that most people can only dream of.

Read more about the bombshells dropped in this article.

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