Katy Perry’s Fountain of “Vermouth”

Katy Perry has launched a new line of botanical drinks powered by adaptogens because, “I can’t drink like I did in my 20s,” according to her chat with People magazine.

Golden Hour aperitif De Soi by Katy Perry
“Golden Hour” aperitif (see recipe below)

The non-alcoholic collection of bottled bevs is called De Soi. It’s name is a nod to the French phrase which means, “pleasure and restraint.”

“As creative professionals and busy moms with a shared love for a spritz, we wanted a drink that was bubbly and delicious, but that didn’t get in the way of early mornings and long nights. A drink that was truly fun to sip on, and still allowed us to feel present and engaged while taking the lead. A drink that married our passion for plants and better-for-you ingredients with big, bold flavor and feel-good adaptogens,” said Katy Perry and her De Soi cofounder Morgan McLachlan.

Cheers to De Soi! Will you try it?

Below is a recipe from their new botanical beverage line. If you try this or another recipe, let us know how you like it.

Rosemary’s Baby
A soft herbal touch, brightened by a twist.

PREP TIME: 5 Minutes


  • A bottle of Golden Hour, a green tea botanical drink with notes of warm citrus, lemon grass and leafy herbs
  • Rosemary
  • Lemon Twist


  • Pour Golden Hour into a pretty glass, then garnish with a sprig of rosemary and a lemon twist.

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Markette Sheppard

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