Rattled! by Malcolm & Marie

Old Hollywood Meets New Cinema Swag
for An Emotional Ride Like No Other

The Netflix movie Malcolm & Marie is on-screen fi-yah! The classic black-and-white cinematography creates the perfect backdrop for the undeniable heat John David Washington (Tenet) and Zendaya (Euphoria) bring to the film.

Writer-director Sam Levinson shot the visually pleasing film in one location. He also casts only two characters in this romantic drama. Malcolm (Washington) a film writer-director and Marie (Zendaya) his girlfriend. The story surrounds the couple’s return home from Malcolm’s successful movie premiere where he forgets to include Marie in his thank you speech. Not to mention, her troubled past was the inspiration for his new film. So yes, Malcolm’s oversight is the underlying spark that tests the duo’s love and reveals deep layers of trauma.

Unfortunately, shouting and arguing become the film’s focus. Malcolm and Marie’s fights are next level! Their verbal attacks are vicious and hurtful. The yelling is intense and at times stressful to watch.

Washington sounds so much like his father, Denzel Washington. At one point, I expected him to say his dad’s iconic line from Training Day … “King Kong ain’t got [nothing] on me!”

Just when you start to feel drained from the constant fighting, Malcolm and Marie reel you back in with tender moments and a glimpse of their love.

Overall, I enjoyed the vintage vibe and sleek feel of Malcolm & Marie. Washington and Zendaya provide powerful acting. They support each other and have great on-screen chemistry. Kudos to Levinson for shooting this film safely and creatively during the early start of the pandemic with
a limited crew.

It is beautifully shot, and the jazz music guiding the narrative is awesome. But the movie leaves you a bit rattled. It’s an emotional rollercoaster from beginning to end. A ride you may want to take if you don’t mind the ups and downs.

Malcolm & Marie is now streaming on Netflix.

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Cheryl Grant

Cheryl Grant

Cheryl Grant is a film critic and entertainment industry veteran who has been heard on the airwaves of The Tom Joyner Morning Show and Radio One stations across the country. Follow her on Instagram at: @news2cher.

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