“Prayer does so many things. It heals, comforts, strengthens, and brings you faith.”


SEARCH ME, BREAK ME and POINT ME in the right direction: three tiny prayers, three simple prayers, three answered prayers, three life-changing prayers. I still ask Him to search me, I still find myself being broken and I still search for His direction.

Have you ever felt alone in a room full of people? I remember being in a room full of people and feeling so alone. I remember silently begging God for change. I remember wanting a different life. I asked Him for patience, petitioned change in others’ hearts, and sought out material things. I didn’t love myself and didn’t know who I was. Kind of knew what He needed me to do, but I refused to acknowledge it; I begged, cried and pleaded my case; He didn’t fix anything and didn’t change anyone. As cliche as it may sound, “We have to be the change to see the change,” sis. I refused to let go of the door he was trying to close; I negotiated so many sides deals with Him & broke so many promises.

To live a different life, we have to be willing to do everything differently; we even have to change how we pray. There’s no half-stepping on our way to the glow-up, babe! I have had to change my outlook on life, cut ties with toxic people, and I’ve had to lean into God a lot. I’ve had to control my mouth and apologize for way more than I ever have. I had to reevaluate my short and long-term goals and even had to set new standards for the type of men I date. Now, I’m heading in the opposite direction; I’m not begging Him to change my life; now, I ask Him to change me. I no longer want my way; I long for His way instead. I’m thankful that my life doesn’t look like it used to and I find peace in knowing that things don’t stay the same.

When the picture gets cloudy, and you know that you know that you know, the vision implanted in your heart wasn’t placed there by you; embrace the moment ’cause He’s in control. Thank Him for the dream set in your heart and for what He’s doing in your next season. Continue doing the things, sowing the seeds, and making the necessary changes; things become more evident the closer we align ourselves to His will.

Above all, ask Him to change you and not your situation; remember what you learned in my previous blog; you’re planted there for a reason.

With Love,

P.S. If you listened to this week’s podcast episode, I’d like to apologize for changing this post’s intended topic on you. I sat down to write about the price of our dignity, and God laid this on my heart instead.

Please stop by next week, to see what the Lord has laid on my heart to share with ya’ll!

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