Creatively speaking, have you ever come across something so good online that you felt compelled to share it? And as you’re posting it, you think to yourself, “I know somebody needs to see this,” just to have it fall by the wayside. Years later, it coincidently pops up in your feed on social media and it’ll be exactly what you needed to see at that moment. Who do you think should get the glory?

His Creative Spirit

Sometimes I do things in the now and take all of the glory. The truth is that I can’t take credit for any of it. It’s not me. It is He who works through me. If you would’ve asked me yesterday, a week, or even a month ago what quote was on the shelf in the kitchen window I wouldn’t be able to answer your question. Watching over my boyfriend’s house and caring for his two sons while he was offshore left me mentally and spiritually drained and blocked, creatively speaking.

After going back to my house and spending a few days in His presence enjoying my solitude, I was put back into alignment. To be honest with you, the little things spark joy and creativity, the finishing touches, the memories attached to the gorgeous little things with which I surround myself. The real glow-up lies in the spirit of creativity when He steps in and fans that flame.

For I am About to Do Something New

Allowing Him to work in me and through me is my biggest flex. In the past, I’ve claimed to not really have a creative process or method. The past few months have taught me differently, though. It’s unorganized and unconventional, but creatively speaking works for me. I know how I operate, I’ve recognized patterns, and without a doubt my own personal workspace is a must-have. All of these lessons I picked up during my season of singleness.

These things are all crucial to my creative process. Without them, I start slacking spiritually and become creatively blocked. So if you were wondering where my last few blogs have been, they’ve been trapped in my head while I wrestled with anxiety. Creating digital or physical content can be daunting when you take Him out of the equation and try to do things in your own strength.

Isaiah 43:19

See, I Have Already Begun! 

This brings me to this post’s whole point: Isaiah 43:19. This gem of a bible verse was placed on the shelf pictured above shortly after I completed this highly documented project. A project that I planned on sharing through social media. Those were my plans, but that is far from what happened.

Do You Not See It? 

When I pulled my shades back to open my windows, it was right there, right on time just when my anxiety began to rear its ugly head. I don’t remember making the decal, and I forgot that it was there. I know that I intended for it to serve as daily motivation and a sweet little decorative touch a year ago. His plans are always better. He intended for me to see it, to really see it, with my heart today!

I Will Make a Pathway Through the Wilderness

Proof that he goes before me and makes a way and leaves treasures in the dark places. It was like I saw it for the first time, confirming that all things happen in their season (Ecclesiastes 3:1-8), which is biblical. I sure am grateful for His helping hand; without it, I would be a shell of a woman.

I Will Create Rivers in the Dry Wasteland

When God shows me something, I try to lean in and do my part because I was about halfway through a bible reading plan when I noticed my spark coming back. As Jesus fanned my flame, my creativity flood gates opened, and finally, I was able to create. And that’s precisely what I did. Check out this reel, and feel free to let me know what you think below in the comments.

Thank you so much for stopping by. I have a lot to say, so please stop by soon.

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