The Glow Girl’s Guide to… a Plant-based Lifestyle!

Sustainability has made a huge splash in the lifestyle world. From fashion and beauty to food and everyday supplies, more and more brands are converting to vegan, plant based, and cruelty-free practices. Before I got pregnant in 2018, I was vegan for a year and a half. I felt so good not only on the outside, but primarily on the inside. As I’m now 14 months postpartum, I’m transitioning back in a plant-based lifestyle, and I feel it’s so much easier now with many brands having more options.

If you’re looking to begin a slow transition into this lifestyle, it’s easy to start off with just switching a few items in your life for a better planet and a better YOU!

Below are 3 easy tips to begin your plant-based journey.

  1. Start with your most used items:
    Think about the items that you use daily and start the transition. I’m not saying go full throttle and go for it all at once, but begin with items such as deodorant, lotion, and body washes.

    What you put on your skin matters. Think about it: as you’re exfoliating or washing, your pores open and chemicals get inside your body by penetrating your skin. Treat your skin a little better by opting for vegan and cruelty-free products, which in turn, will make you glow just a little brighter.

    Here are a few of my favorites: SmartyPits, Native, Love Beauty and Planet, Raw Sugar, Hempz, Dr. Bronner’s, Kat Von D, Lip Bar, The Honey Pot)
  2. Make changes from the inside out:
    Eating clean goes beyond just eating vegetables a few days a week. What we put into our bodies really affects our overall physical and mental health. Like in the above-mentioned, select a few items that you may consume often and make a soft switch, even if just a few days a week.

    Love meat, cheese, seafood, and cookies? Me too, and I’ve been able to find my favorite foods in plant-based alternatives.

    Transitioning just a few of your core foods into plant-based options will reduce the amount of foreign chemicals and hormones that you consume.

    Here are a few of my favorites: Gardein, Beyond Meat, Field Roast, Eat Pastry, Enjoy Life, 365 Brand
  3. Educate yourself and others:
    The best part about trying something new is educating yourself and sharing the information with others.

    Going plant based means you’ll have to research and prepare more, especially when going out to eat. Whether you’re going to a restaurant or a friend’s house, you’ll have to think about looking at menus ahead of time or bringing your own food to a gathering. Once you’ve mastered a few options, share the knowledge!

    Invite friends over to try your new vegan recipes or have everyone bring a plant based product to share. Whatever journey you choose, remember, you’re helping yourself and our future generations by making daily small changes.

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Steph Walters is a TV host and producer who can be seen sharing the latest lifestyle trends and entertainment news on morning TV in Virginia. A graduate of Hampton University, Steph also runs a production company with her husband Joseph, The Redelynn Group.

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