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DC News Icon Andrea Roane Drops Gems

In the Season 2 finale of “Glow with Markette Sheppard,” we talk about how God can have a plan for your career, even if your bosses don’t with TV News Anchor Andrea Roane.

the recovery glow up according to norma

One Year After ‘The Storm’

It’s the one-year anniversary of our blog series, “The Recovery Glow Up According to Norma.” Take a look back at Norma’s moving series about becoming sober.

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This is what stress does to you…

Hair falling out. Teeth grinding at night. Tense shoulders. Salty feelings. does any of this sound familiar to you? Girl, that is what stress does

christine st vil julian b kiganda

Homeschooling… for the culture!

How do busy working moms homeschool their children and build a successful empire? Learn the secrets to homeschooling success from digital marketing entrepreneurs and sisters

recovery glow up PTSD

Recovery, Healing & PTSD

I invited my friends from Brown Counseling & Consulting in Lafayette, La., to shed some light on recovery, healing, and PTSD.

madonna instagram

Celebrity Lottery Winners

Guess you can never be too rich! Take a list of this list of celebrity lotto winners, who have won mega millions in the jackpot of fame and fortune!

jennifer lopez ben affleck wedding

Make yourself happy! JLo sure did!

These Las Vegas wedding pics say it all: JLo let’s nothing get in the way of her happy. So, based on that here’s the “Glow Girl” mantra of the day >>

ideas to boost your creative flow

Ideas to boost creative flow

Are your creative juices not flowing as freely as you would like? Whether it’s writer’s block or lack of inspiration, check out these tips on how to improve your creative workflow.