One Year After ‘The Storm’

Did you know that my blog series, The Recovery Glow Up According to Norma, started with a storm?” I don’t even know what possessed me to agree to write a blog in the first place. I had no expectations when I wrote my first post because I’ve never considered myself a writer. Nonetheless, I agreed to do it. In classic Norma fashion, I waited until the very last minute because my nerves wouldn’t allow me to do it any earlier.

Looking Back

A year later, I realized I was stressed for nothing, He came through at the last minute and gave me the words to write. In my introductory piece, I compare my life and some of the past storms I weathered. I’ll never forget writing my first blog, it’ll always have a special place in my heart. Written on the 16th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, while I was hunkered down awaiting hurricane Ida’s arrival. In this post, we ride out Hurricane Ida, and I introduce ‘The Recovery GlowUp’ … according to me. In my that piece, I compare my life to some the past storms I weathered.

Written with the intention of helping others by sharing my life experiences. In retrospect, one year later, this blog ended up helping me more than I expected. Through sharing this series of my personal ups and downs and insights, I’ve been presented with a platform to share to voice my opinions and inspire others through what He has done for me. In my recovery blog posts, you’ll see and hear about my mistakes, hangups, and heartaches–no subject is off the table. I try to be as transparent as possible. I share what I’ve gone through in the past and what I go through in my everyday life.

One Year Later

I highly suggest reading Waiting For The Storm To Pass. It’s a short 2-minute read and serves as an introduction to the series. In my first written work, we journey through the struggle on my way to “the glow up” and invite readers to do the same. Thanks for stopping by, hope to see you soon. 

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**If you want to know more about my experience with Hurricane Ida, check me out on Instagram. A behind-the-scenes look at the writing of the 1st recovery glow-up coming soon. Lessons I learned through the storm, the guilt I carried, my fears, & how I borrowed faith for the moment. 


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