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As a content creator, I think it’s real easy to get fired up and believe that it’s all about your trending content, the likes, the follows, and shares. It can get tricky trying to separate what’s trending and our reality if we’re not cautious, then we can easily find ourselves serving the wrong master.

My thoughts get so scattered. I want to accomplish too many things, and I want to do the absolute most without any direction. It’s times like these when I turn to the Creator. When I’m creatively blocked, I often say a little prayer to myself, and it goes like this: “Out with anxiety in the spirit.” You see, I serve a God, who is always trending.

Content Creator’s Life

I’ve been writing this blog for nearly five months, under the impression that I’ve been writing it for you. God humbles me almost daily and today was no different. Everything we do is to bring Him glory. He doesn’t have me writing this for you. The Recovery Glow Up is to share my truths with you, but it’s also for me to remind myself where I came from and where I’ve been, and to help me set clear intentions on where I’m going.

The biggest thorn in my flesh is myself. I’m a real pain in the butt because I’m hardheaded and I have the tendency to overextend myself, and I’m not very likely to ask for help. I don’t take “me time” seriously until I’m on the verge of pulling my hair out. Me-time is crucial because that’s when I’m alone with my thoughts and the Creator.

As my creativity starts to flow, I realized that I needed that break and that time in a vacuum to do arts & crafts and self-care (a face mask or lip scrub). If we don’t take time to unwind, we end up wound up, and that is never trending.

It’s Mardi Gras season here in South Louisiana hence the short blog. Please be sure to stop by soon. I’d love to share all of the things life has handed me over the past few months, babe.

With Love,

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