“A lily or a rose never pretends, and its beauty is that it is what it is.” ~Jiddu Krishnamurto

And just because I said IT, here we are. I planned to write about something completely different from what you’re about to read. There is power in our words, babe. Remember to tell Him Your Plans, just saying. Did you get a glimpse of our podcast this morning?

I jokingly said something along the lines of “watch my topic be something different” as I shared the detail of my intended posts. This spicy disaster came in like a wrecking ball; I may be over-exaggerating. I’m cringing at the thought of watching it. I’ll listen to it on iTunes, though. All I can say is thank sweet baby Jesus that my mic wasn’t on; for a Christian, I can really spit out some very colorful language. And just because I’m imperfect, it doesn’t mean that I’m not worthy.

Life can be as beautiful as a flower and as prickly as a thorn. To fully grasp life in our hands, we need to embrace not only the rose but the thorns, as well. ~Madiha

Carrying around burdens that weren’t intended for us to carry, in my opinion, is one of the most surefire ways to stunt our spiritual growth. We know that there’s no glow-up without growth. So what’s blocking your growth? If you find yourself carrying something around and you can’t seem to put IT down, and every time you turn around, IT’s there; honey, it’s safe to assume IT’s there for a reason. Nothing in life is coincidental.

You wished IT away, prayed IT out, you saged, fasted, you even did a couple of novenas, and IT’s still there, festering. And not for your lack of trying; it’s like you’re playing frisbee with God, and He keeps tossing IT back. He is definitely one of your franchise players. Coincidence? I think not. (Choose Your Team Wisely.)

You’ve tried everything in your power, and IT’s still there, piercing your skin. Like a weed, IT’s there planted, taking up residence amongst your beautiful roses. A symbol of pain mixed in with the beauty of your life. The beauty you received in exchange for your ashes. You pull IT, and He makes IT pop right back up. You’ve tried every chemical solution on the market, and IT’s still there. If anyone can attest to there being no chemical solution for a spiritual problem, it’s this girl right here. IT’s just there planted in your flesh, like a thorn.

For the love of a rose, the gardener becomes the slave of a thousand thorns. ~Turkish proverb

And just because IT’s still here, you might as well do some digging. Come on, I’ll give you a hand. Something could be blocking your growth, and as we previously discussed, you have to grow to glow, girl. Grab some sunblock and a baseball cap, and let’s do a little digging; let’s try to get to the root of this problem. Oh, and one more thing, grab a pair of gardening gloves. Those roses we planted are really starting to take bloom, but you might get pricked.

Whatever “IT” is that you’re trying to do to divert your attention from is there for a reason. As I mentioned above, things aren’t coincidental; they don’t happen just because. If He planted IT in your heart and in your spirit, IT’s there, and He intended IT to serve a purpose. I suggest you handle IT, get to the root, and continue on your way to that glow-up.

Stop by next week, I’d like to talk about thorns in the flesh, like the one Paul from the Bible had. Just because I said it, the topic is subject to change though lol.

With Love,
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