The Glow Girl’s Guide to… The New Normal!

We’re living through tough times right now. If you’re reading this, you’re likely stuck inside your house due to the COVID-19 outbreak. With so much uncertainty, it can really cause us to panic and get completely off track. (Yes, I too, am still adjusting!)

This is prime time for introverts. I’m an extrovert and struggling. But let’s be real, being confined to our homes with no end in sight is tough on everyone. Though everything seems uncertain right now, there are some things we can do to begin to adjust to what seems to be our new normal.

Here are 3 ways we can ease into our new normal for the time being:

  1. Find Joy In Your Adjusted Routine
    If you’re the type of person who always complained about being busy and having no time for anything (sometimes guilty here), this is your time to RELAX. We get so caught up in our day to day lives that we forget to just sit, think, and rest. To be honest, it’s been nice to not be on a predictable routine. Though I know this can take some people’s anxiety through the roof, this is a time to just go with the flow.

    As a parent, this adjustment has been hard on both me and my child because she’s used to being at daycare while we’re at work, and now we’re all home together all day. This has caused productivity to sometimes suffer during the day because my toddler not self-sufficient yet, but I’m learning to be flexible. I’m finding joy in hearing my daughter say new words or learning new things versus having the daycare provider telling us that type of news.
  2. Disconnect From The Social
    I know, that’s hard right now because we’re all “bored” and practicing social distancing, but your social distancing may need to be distancing yourself from social media.

    With everyone being online, it can create a space of loneliness, anger, or sadness for you, and if you notice social media triggering those emotions, LOG OFF. Also, there’s such an influx of negative and disheartening news related to COVID-19, so the more you can shield yourself, the better. To further calm any anxiety you may be feeling, you may need to turn off your news alerts as it seems like every hour there is an alert.
  3. Practice Gratitude
    remind yourself that this situation is impacting everyone around the world, not just your neighborhood, city, state, or even country…THE ENTIRE WORLD.

    Be grateful for the small things in this situation such as electricity and pantry and fridge full of food, clean running water, and a place to rest your head. These are the things we take for granted the most, and during this time when we’re stuck inside, we remember the importance of these essentials.

    The biggest receiver of our gratitude right now should be to our health. Many people around the world are suffering right now, so if you’re able to read this right now, send some good vibes of thankfulness up above.

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